Augustus A. White III, MD, PhD, David Chanoff, PhD

The JRGOS Augustus White, MD
Founders Award

Augustus A. White III, MD, PhD

This prestigious honor is presented to a distinguished member of the J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the field of Orthopaedic surgery. 
 This award recognizes the recipient’s exceptional contributions to advancing culturally sensitive musculoskeletal care while promoting diversity within Orthopaedics and exemplifying an unswerving commitment to excellence in the field.


The mission of the J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society (JRGOS) is to increase diversity within the orthopaedic profession and promote the highest quality musculoskeletal care for all people.
The JRGOS is a pluralist multicultural organization designed to meet the needs of under-represented minority orthopaedic surgeons and to advance the ideals of excellent musculoskeletal care for all patients with particular attention to underserved groups.

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