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HealthyWomen has put together support group options to unite those affected by advanced breast cancer. Support groups can vary in format with in-person groups, virtual groups, social media pages, blogs, mobile apps and others. Support groups help connect people who are going through similar experiences and can offer information and advice related to advanced breast cancer.

HealthyWomen offers these resources for information purposes only. We do not endorse or recommend these websites specifically. Always be sure to do your own research and find support that works for you. In addition, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about advanced breast cancer and your personal treatment plan.

Support groups based on:

The following resources give support group options based on ZIP code or state and city. In addition to the groups listed below, you can:

Call your local hospital and ask about its cancer support programs

Ask your social worker to suggest support groups

Talk to other patients who have tried support groups and may be able to recommend some that might also work for you

Find your local community center, which usually has information about local resources and other support groups

Cancer Support Community

Facing Hereditary Cancer Empowered (FORCE) Support Meeting and Event Calendar

Breast Cancer Now Face-to-Face Groups

METAvivor Peer to Peer Support Groups

These support groups offer phone, email, video call and virtual support meeting options with moderators. They also provide information for the person with breast cancer, family members or someone concerned about someone else with breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Helpline

Susan G. Komen Helpline

CancerCare Online Support Group

American Cancer Society Support Programs and Services

Whitman-Walker Health — offers online and phone support programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with cancer

Young Survival Coalition — provides support for young women with breast cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. — Monthly Breast Cancer Support Group

These options offer advanced breast cancer blog topics ranging from activism to living well to research and news.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen

Young Survivor Coalition

For more information related to advanced breast cancer, check out some of HealthyWomen’s educational resources.

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