HealthyWomen’s Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts

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Still looking for gift ideas for the healthy women in your life? Or what about something amazing for yourself? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Here are our staff picks for great gifts we love to give — and receive (hint, hint).

Sustainable leggings


“The compressive high-rise leggings from Girlfriend Collective are versatile and flattering. They’re also available in three lengths, many different colors and a wide variety of sizes. The best part — the fabric is made from recycled water bottles.”

—Beth Battaglino, CEO

Tea with attitude


Snarky Tea is my favorite go-to tea shop when you need to send a warm beverage and some dazzling profanity.”

—Rebecca Sager, Senior Vice President of Development

A donation to the person’s favorite charity


“I’ve reached the age that buying gifts is really very difficult. This is my go-to gift for birthdays, holidays and everything in between. And World Central Kitchen is my go-to charity.”

—Jessica Collison, Director of Program Analytics



“Cookbooks promote healthy behaviors especially during the holiday time when those with chronic conditions may feel limited or tempted. Plus, it’s a great way for families to engage in an activity together. Cooking saves money and promotes awareness of what we’re putting in our bodies.”

—Alayna Effron, Director of Development

Local and ethically sourced accessories


“For holiday gifts, I shop local. I often buy jewelry, clothing and fun decor items from stores that carry local designers and artists, and fair trade gifts from companies such as Marquet Fair Trade.”

—Helaine Bader, Vice President, Education

Gratitude journal


The One-Minute Gratitude Journal. “I’m a big believer that showing gratitude helps your mental health and using this journal is an easy way to get you thinking about all you have to be thankful for.”

—Kim Ledgerwood, Editorial Director

Massage or facial


“Both are a great gift for busy women and yourself. As a first time mom, it’s difficult for me to find ways I can incorporate self-care without being interrupted. Going to get a massage or facial at a spa really is the only time I get to disconnect, replenish and take care of my body.”

—Luisa Santa-Coleman, Director of Education

Digital photo frame


“I love to send people I care about digital photo frames. You can download photos ahead of time with your favorite memories, and update it by sending fun new snapshots all year long.”

—Megan Schofield, Director of Design and UX

Massage oil


Banyan Botanicals Mahanarayan Oil for self massage. “If you’re not doing self massage with warm oil, or Abhyanga massage, for aches and pains or as self-love practice, it’s a must. Not only does it feel nourishing and soothing, but it’s wonderful for acceptance of the skin we’re in whilst surrounded by a world so heavily focused on perfection.”

Tara Moeller, Vice President of Finance and Operations

Passes to a workout class


“Try a 10-class package to Zumba — or yoga classes in my case! Having pre-paid passes motivates people to use them before they expire, and it’s great not to have to pay out of pocket for each class.”

—Jess Goddard, Senior Director, Marketing and Brand Integration

Smart mug


“For all those multi-tasking mavens, the Ember Mug 2 will keep your coffee or tea hot until you have a moment to properly enjoy it.”

—Julie Leff, Senior Webmaster

Personalized calendar


Mixbook or Shutterfly. “I add important reminders like go to the gynecologist, get an eye exam, dance to a Rihanna song and — of course — call Jackie because she loves you.”

Jackie Froeber, Senior Editor

Motivational water bottles


“I like to give reusable water bottles. These water bottles easily track how much water you drink a day. They also motivate you to fulfill your fitness goals.”

—Kerri Agnello, Administrative Assistant

Lotion bar


“Lotion bars are a great gift. The lavender Lotion Bar from Love Lurra will moisturize your skin and surround you with soothing scents while reducing your plastic use. Another bonus: You’re supporting a family-owned business.”

—Michelle Sabia, Program Manager

Productivity planner


“I love a good list. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated, making a list of tasks always makes me feel more balanced and productive. This Productivity Daily Desk Pad by Intelligent Change also helps track your mood and how much water you’re drinking.”

Victoria Gherardi, Editorial Assistant