Dr. Kirk Taylor

Macey Russell
April 30, 2021
Augustus A. White III, MD, PhD
April 30, 2021

Bernadette is an experienced C-suite medical executive known for her award-winning ability to translate innovative care paradigm ideas (theory) into real-world achievements that concretely reduce health care disparities on the ground (the practice).
For the Hippocratic-ly inclined, doing nothing for healthcare equity is doing harm. There is no credible argument against the relentless pursuit of health care excellence – for everyone.
Dr. Loftus, a long-time Kaiser Permanente executive, has been viewed as a national leader in using data and transparency to ferret out where care outcomes fail standards of quality and equity, and, more importantly, why. Extensive experience in two of the most ethnically/racially diverse regions in the US (Santa Clara County, CA, and the Greater Washington, DC area) has enabled her to develop a deep repertoire of tools/techniques to ensure equitable and culturally competent care. Originator of the Good Health/Great Hair Project in West Baltimore, now in its fifth year, a partnership between trusted neighborhood businesses and health care providers, meeting people where they are, providing public health and social services in census tracks with some of the nation’s highest age-specific mortality rates. Featured in Prescription for the Future: Twelve Transformational Practices of Highly Effective Medical Organizations, by Ezekiel Emanuel, MD