October 21, 2021

September Policy Roundup

1. Advancing NIH Research on the Health of Women HealthyWomen is working to inform the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) upcoming meeting “Advancing NIH Research on […]
October 25, 2021

An Infectious Disease Expert Explains New Federal Rules on ‘Mix-and-Match’ Vaccine Booster Shots

By Glenn J. Rapsinski, University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Many Americans now have the green light to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster – and the flexibility […]
October 25, 2021

‘Down to My Last Diaper’: The Anxiety of Parenting in Poverty

By Jenny Gold, Kaiser Health News For parents living in poverty, “diaper math” is a familiar and distressingly pressing daily calculation. Babies in the U.S. go […]
October 25, 2021

Thinking About Getting a Tummy Tuck? What to Know Before Going Under the Knife.

Kim Cressell had a tummy tuck after her third pregnancy at the age of 36. “I am happy I had it because my post-pregnancy belly never […]