August 11, 2022

I Thought Someone Like Me Could Never Get an STI

As told to Kimberly Rex I had my first symptoms on a Sunday in July 2011. I was 28. After a weekend away with the guy […]
August 15, 2022

Wellness Visits by Decade

Design by Megan Schofield
August 17, 2022

My journey with fillers began when I was 18. By my 20s, my face was permanently scarred from cosmetic procedures.

As told to Erica Rimlinger I grew up in the UK, and for most of my teenage years, I couldn’t smile in photos. I was convinced […]
August 22, 2022

Why Did Sexually Transmitted Infections Go up During the Pandemic — and What Can We Do About It?

No one would blame you for assuming that the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) went down during the pandemic. After all, lockdowns prevented many of […]