July 18, 2022

Living With Lupus

Marisa Maese, 40, has been dealing with health problems since her mid-20s. They started with her first pregnancy, when she experienced complications from fibroids, was placed […]
July 19, 2022

I Thought My Swollen Lymph Nodes Were Side Effects From the Covid-19 Vaccine

As told to Erica Rimlinger When I got my Covid-19 vaccine, I was told I might have side effects after the shot. Everyone’s immune system is […]
July 20, 2022

Conservative Blocs Unleash Litigation to Curb Public Health Powers

By Lauren Weber and Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Kaiser Health News Through a wave of pandemic-related litigation, a trio of small but mighty conservative legal blocs has […]
July 20, 2022

What Is Body Dysmorphia (BDD)?

It’s a sad fact of modern life that few women look in the mirror and like what they see. But it’s not surprising, given that we […]