March 18, 2022

Clinically Speaking: Questions and Answers About Insomnia

Medically reviewed by Dr. Smita Patel Anyone can have trouble sleeping now and then, but if it happens a lot, you may have a sleep disorder […]
March 21, 2022

¿Quieres papas fritas o sentimientos con eso?

Mientras su hija, que en esos momentos todavía era una infante, luchaba contra un trastorno neurológico en el hospital, Gabrielle Blawas peleaba su propia batalla en […]
March 21, 2022

From Healthy Births to Sustainable Management, 5 Essential Reads on the Fascinating and Complex Vagina

By Leah Samuel, The Conversation As the most common route for arriving into the world, the human vagina has, of course, existed for as long as […]
March 22, 2022

It’s Illegal — but My Insurance Company Refused to Cover My Birth Control

As told to Shannon Shelton Miller More than two years ago, I made an appointment with my physician to discuss the best contraceptive options for my […]